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Use True Notify to centralize business and IT events and increase your Operational Intelligence!

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Operational Intelligence


Centralize cloud events

Your company uses more and more apps. As a Service from the Cloud or locally on your own IT-infrastructure. All of this generate a continues stream of technical and business driven events, messages and notifications. Meanwhile, the level of complexity to manage your apps, events and notifications increases as cloud services operate decentralised.

Centralising the configuration and management of events and notifications of your Cloud Services would reduce the complexity and level of maintenance.


Increase relevance

Events result in notifications and information. Coworkers or customers are notified, asked to acknowledge, act or respond. As a group or subsequently (escalation).

We're human, not robots. Your coworkers are already multitasking to the max. people tend to become notification numb.

Filtering, aggregating and correlating events would decrease the number of notifications and increase relevance.


Notify the best possible way

Different people, different needs. Effectiveness is key. Tune your notifications to your audience.

Enrich when possible. Notify the best possible way with respect to the receiver. By push notification, e-mail, SMS or phone.

Why True Notify?

  • Centralise events from different (cloud) services
  • Increase event and notification relevance
  • Tune notifications for your audience


  • Reduce complexity and level of configuration maintenance for events and notifications in an changing environment
  • Increase relevance by filtering, aggregating and correlating events. Decrease the number of notifications
  • Let people subscribe to events. Enrich and notify the best possible way for each subscriber

And most of all: happy and more effective acting people.

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About True Notify

The True Notify platform offers event processing and notification management.

It focuses on the effectiveness of notification for coworkers and puts company's back in control by centralising events from the Cloud.

What it's not

True Notify is not a BI, Workflow or Business Process Management tool. It's an extension for that.

Give it a try and notify

Create an account and hook your cloud apps to our service. As long as your current apps are sending messages through API, mail or SMS, we can hook it to our service and start processing and manage the stream of events.

Your coworkers can easily login, subscribe to events and set their event- and notification preferences, depending on:




For event subscribers:

  • (Brandable) Notification management App
  • Notifications via sms, e-mail and push notification

For event publishers:

  • Management Interface
  • Event and subscriber management
  • Rule and stream editor for filtering, correlating and enriching events
  • Integration rules for interacting with CRM or HRM applications